A punto (by Flaquivurus)

Towards the light (by Flaquivurus)

A little forest (by Flaquivurus)

Curves (by Flaquivurus)

A (by Flaquivurus)

I can only say thanks so much for this.

And thanks to Juan Manuel (saenzdesantamaria) for those words. Muchas, muchas gracias.



(by Flaquivurus)

In this beautiful capture Claudia shows us that the compositional simplicity can be visually powerful. The intense light projected on the wall provides strength and warmth to their orange tones. And these ones, contrast gently with the delicate colours of the flowers hanging from the branch. Nothing more has been necessary to make a photo from which I can’t take my eyes.

-Juan Manuel

Petals (by Flaquivurus)

Tulip (by Flaquivurus)

Broken window (by Flaquivurus)

I’m really bad with words…so, thanks all

¡¡Gracias!! Thanks!!

Deep blue (by Flaquivurus)

Bells (by Flaquivurus)

Sin viento (by Flaquivurus)